Wide variety of industrial HMIs

Wide Product Range

At demmel products, you will find a wide selection of HMIs and displays suitable for various application scenarios.

iLCD Linux

For future-proof Developments

In this series, we combine the advantages of traditional intelligent displays, such as fast time-to-market and the ability to control the entire machine through the HMI, with the user-friendliness and flexibility of panel PCs, thanks to the Linux operating system.
The iLCD Linux features a super-fast 1.8 GHz quad-core processor (i.MX8M Plus from NXP) with an integrated video and graphics processor, supporting video playback and 3D rendering. The highly customizable Yocto-Linux operating system greatly expands the range of applications, allowing you to create high-performance, customized, and sophisticated applications.


"Classic" Intelligent Displays of the Highest Quality

JPro stands for Java programmable and is our proven HMI series of intelligent displays, available in eight different sizes from 2.8" to 10.2". These HMIs can be programmed using Java or controlled through macros. A controller with stable firmware, sufficient memory, and standard interfaces are integrated directly on the back of the slim modules. Paired with the iLCD Manager XE, the iLCD JPro series helps reduce your development time to just a few days.

LCD Pure

For Customers Who Don't Need Intelligence but Seek that Extra Something

LCD Pure represents high-quality displays without controllers from demmel products. The series combines high-end components with attractive prices and fast delivery times. Leveraging our extensive display expertise, stable industry partnerships, and our status as a reliable EU distributor, we offer LCD Pure displays in five sizes ranging from 3.5" to 10.1". They are available in three variants: No touch, resistive touch, and capacitive touch, with the latter featuring an optically bonded touch panel. Moreover, we offer options for customizations, including cover glass extensions with adhesive strips or colored logo prints, starting from a minimum order quantity of 500 units.

LCD Pure X

Benefits of the Pure Series Combined with Reduced Development Effort

To facilitate the integration of displays for our customers, we have also developed the LCD Pure X series. These displays have an integrated control board on the back, which includes all the necessary components for communication and power supply, including the touch panel. They can be connected to any LVDS-capable control board using a single, specially designed flex PCB cable. Save time and effort in developing display control and power supply solutions. The boards are also equipped with four mounting tabs, allowing for easy installation of the displays.


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