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Custom Solutions

Not satisfied with our standard products? Looking for specialized solutions or unconventional display shapes and sizes?

At Demmel Products, we also offer products and developments outside of our standard range. Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will work together to find a suitable solution.

Customized Displays

Changes to the Cover Glass:

If you want your displays to stand out or require modifications to the display for technical reasons, we offer various options for expanding and reshaping the cover glass. The glass can be thickened up to 4mm to provide protection and vandal resistance for your applications. The shape can be individually customized to perfectly fit your application. Parts of the glass can be cut out or made transparent to accommodate the use of sensors, such as a proximity sensor.

Adding Adhesive Solutions:

Once the display has the ideal shape, it should be easy to attach. We can apply various adhesive solutions on the back of the cover glass, allowing for simple installation by adhesive bonding. We offer a range of adhesive thicknesses and material compatibilities to provide customers with the optimal solution. We even offer waterproof options for customers with sealing requirements. This allows, for example, the entire device, including the display, to be cleaned and disinfected without worrying about liquid ingress.

Color & Logo:

Recognizability and brand awareness are increasingly important. With our various printing options, you will definitely stand out. Instead of the traditional black inked rear glass, you can choose from a variety of color prints. Additionally, it is possible to print your company logo, brand name, or product designation directly on the frame of the display.

Touch Sensor:

If our standard touch controller differs from your current one or simply does not meet certain requirements, we have a solution for that too. If needed, we can provide our displays with customer-specific FFC cables, including the desired touch controller. This ensures backward compatibility, saving you the hassle of implementing a new controller. Additionally, for special cases, we can use touch controllers that are particularly suitable for wet environments, ensuring that the touch panel achieves the desired results there as well.

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Adapted PCB Design:

If an interface you need is not available or not sufficient, please feel free to contact us. In the past, we have designed special layouts for custom projects to meet specific requirements. Whether it's a complete board redesign or the development of expansion modules, we are confident that we can provide the right solution for you.


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