iLCD Linux

The Future of Display Computing

The following overview shows our accessories. These are boards and cables that can be connected to the iLCD Linux Panel use various peripherals, such as Ethernet, WiFI or Speakers.

Connector Order No. Port Included Material PS 1)
M.2 DPA-AX200 Wifi/Bluetooth 2 Antennae/ mounting Screw P
FFC DPA-ETH-i.MX Ethernet FFC Cable P
CONN PLUG 30P DPA-DBG Debug Serial-to-USB Dongle P
Molex 53261-0471 DPA-C-CAN CAN   P
Molex 53261-0271 DPA-C-SPKR Spkr   P

1) Produktion status (PS): P = In production / N = not for new designs / E = end of Life / S = samples available / C = currently unavailable