iLCD Features

Save Effort, Time and Money with iLCD.

Display Control with iLCD

The comfortable and easy to learn command set enables you to fully control demmel products' whole range of iLCDs - from 2.8" up to 10.2". All graphics, fonts and text templates can be stored to the iLCD panel's flash memory via the free iLCD Manager XE, prior to its use by your controlling hardware.

More than 250 commands allow you to carry out any task quickly and easily:

  • Text: Select any fixed or proportional font; choose bold, underline or inverse attribute, control paragraphs with word-wrap, vertical and/or horizontal alignment, full ANSI support; output text templates that are stored in the iLCD Controller's flash memory.
  • Graphics: Draw lines and rectangles, even with dotted or chain dotted lines, draw circles and frames with rounded corners and shadows, fill selected areas with freely definable tiling patterns, or erase areas, use high-level functions to give selected objects a 3D-appearance by means of color gradients or use low-level functions like setting/clearing pixels.
  • Images: Paint any graphic stored in the iLCD Controller to any position, control up to 8 animated graphics per screen without sending any bytes after starting.
  • Multiple Screens and Viewports: Multiple Screens allow for building up screens in the background and switching between screens with minimized delay. Viewports are user-defined screen areas which have their properties like coordinates and width/height.
  • Screenshots: Store complete LCD screens to the RAM of the iLCD Controller, modify these stored images, output stored images to any position.
  • Touchscreen Support: You may define up to 64 touch fields with any layout and behavior. Pressing/releasing a touch field will be reported to the application. The iLCDs with capacitive touchscreen allow up to 5 simultaneously active touch fields.

Get an overview over the available iLCD Intelligent Displays with resistive and capacitive touchscreen here.