Our time-tested series of intelligent LCDs. Control via Macros or run a Java app.


demmel products presents the iLCD JPro F-Series

iLCD - intelligent Displays from demmel products gmbh


Enjoy the higher resolution, improved image quality and vastly faster speed of our new F-Series. The flash memory with 30 MByte for images, text strings, fonts and macros and the RAM with 32 MByte for multiple screen handling with simple commands recommends this iLCD panel to be used with any application. A MicroSD card holder is on board enabling you to further expand your memory for images and specific use. One of the new exciting features is the on-board micro-USB connector, which makes for even better connectivity and user-friendliness.

In addition to the convenient high-level commands, the iLCDs can be programmed with Java. The firmware integrates a lean Java VM which executes the compiled Java code. Java Display Computing makes it possible to program the HMI sequencing in Java, to carry out arithmetic operations and to even control the whole application with the iLCD panel. Project development is done within the iLCD Manager XE which has been extended to accommodate a complete Java development environment including editor, compiler and debugger.

The optional TCP/IP Interface allows networking of iLCDs and rapid download of application data. Therefore it is also recommended for accelerated development of stand-alone applications, which will be ultimately controlled by any other interface (USB, RS232, I²C or SPI).

The excellent TFT display with super bright LED-backlight (1000 cd/m²) shows your graphics either with full 16-bit color depth or with 8-bit (with 16-bit color palette created by the setup software automatically) color depth. As seen on all other iLCD panels, animated images (color GIF images) can be displayed easily within minutes.

An evaluation kit with extra PCB with FFC connectors and flat cables plus all other required cables including and a power supply is available.


iLCD JPro Panels