Performance-Sprung bei Intelligenten Displays

Reputation and Experience

The Austrian think tank, demmel products, has been developing, producing, and distributing state-of-the-art HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology since 1988, aimed at making the lives of technology users easier, safer, and more comfortable.

In 2003, Demmel Products achieved technological leadership with the introduction of its "Next Generation Intelligent LCDs" (iLCDs). Since then, intelligent displays from demmel products have become a popular choice for HMIs with high-quality screen designs.

Previous Developments:

The initial iLCD product line started with monochrome graphic displays. Several years later, color TFT displays were added to the iLCD product range, which was expanded in 2012 to include display sizes from 2.8" to 10.2". The 10.2" iLCD was the world's first intelligent display of this size on the market and offered support for the Unicode character set, enabling the display of menus in Chinese or Cyrillic characters, for example.

In 2014, the introduction of the DPC3090, a powerful controller, paved the way for another milestone: the implementation of a Java Virtual Machine (VM) on the iLCD. This allowed intelligent displays to control logical processes and communicate with external sensors and actuators without the need for an operating system. This capability enabled the display to take over the control of an entire device. The use of Java on intelligent displays is a unique feature worldwide.

Further milestones include the integrated iLCD Simulator in the development environment "iLCD Manager XE" and USB debugging for Java applications over the same USB connection used for memory programming, data exchange with an application, and power supply to the display.

In 2021, the existing series underwent a facelift, improving its performance by a factor of ten. At the same time, the company decided to exclusively use high-end LCDs for new developments. Therefore, all their new releases are equipped with high-resolution, super-bright IPS displays.

In 2023, demmel products introduced the iLCD Linux series, a forward-thinking development primarily designed for customers with demanding applications. Years of research and development have gone into this product. Introducing innovation amidst the challenges of COVID-19 and supply chain issues required significant effort and uncertainty. Numerous re-designs, new components, and performance adjustments were necessary. Despite these difficult circumstances, demmel products successfully emerged stronger to deliver a solution that meets tomorrow's requirements to their customers and partners.

Software, Hardware, Production - All from the EU:

While the market is increasingly flooded with products from China and development is outsourced, demmel products remains true to its concept. They develop both the hardware and software at their main location in Vienna, with production taking place just across the border at their production and logistics site in Slovakia. As a result, they proudly claim that their product is "Made in EU" and meets European quality standards. The proximity of their locations allows for easy, close coordination, including on-site visits when necessary. This enables them to act quickly and flexibly and provide prompt solutions to potential problems, which is essential for their internal quality assurance. Simultaneously, they can effectively respond to customer needs, without having to wait for feedback from external partners. They can swiftly address emerging issues internally.

Decades of Experience:

With decades of industry experience, demmel products has encountered and overcome many challenges. They have faced economic and health crises that resulted in supply chain issues, leading to re-designs to ensure delivery capability. They are familiar with the arduous and often lengthy process of negotiating with partners from the Far East, which is often hindered by language barriers. They have collaborated with numerous partners and suppliers worldwide, gaining insights into their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they have built a solid network that benefits their customers. demmel products stands ready as a trusted partner, offering solutions from a single source, so that customers do not have to struggle with similar problems.



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