Yocto Linux OS

The Future of Display Computing

Sophisticated Applications, freely configurable

Yocto Linux OS

Our Linux iLCDs feature a freely modifiable Yocto Linux OS, which has established itself as the preferred system for embedded systems configuration in recent years. The Yocto Project allows the user to build the entire display as a Linux distribution themselves using the various methods and tools included. This enables highly specific customization of the application to meet different needs. Compared to prefabricated applications, this provides extended scope, albeit with a certain degree of complexity. However, experience has shown that users are extremely efficient once they have become familiar with Yocto. A major advantage is the structured and uniform approach, which makes it easier to implement applications and projects that build on one another and can be applied to a wide variety of applications. . Thanks to hardware independence, the control functions can also be optimally transferred and adapted to the respective device.








Advantages of embedded Linux

  • Embedded Linux allows developers to focus on their individual application
  • A wide variety of stacks, tools and protocols are available
  • Huge community for efficient support
  • Few limiations - making the usage of different programming languages and scripts possible
  • Projects can be implemented fast and adaptions are made efficiently


Set-Up by demmel products

All of the low-level programming will be done by us. The device tree with the necessary drivers for the display, touch controller and the different interfaces and ports are implemented and tested. Further, each iLCD Linux model will have a pre-programmed "Settings-Interface" where you can adjust the brightness, turn on/off an auto-dim function, handle your Wifi or Bluetooth functions and more. This interface should also function as a sample-project that can be adapted by the user, as specific elements might not be needed or have to be designed differently. On top of that, each iLCD Linux comes with a web-browser and a virtual keyboard.


Development, Optimization and AI

Danube Dynamics

Our new partner starts exactly where our services left off. Danube Dynamics is an expert when it comes to embedded software development, improvements and artificial intelligence.

Danube Dynamics is a major provider for a variety of industrial hardware-software-solutions. Their core competency is building intelligent software solutions for embedded linux controllers like the i.MX series by NXP. Especially their significant knowledge of integrating artifical intelligence into your solution makes them an innovative, sustainable partner. Yet, their expertise reaches deep into embedded software development and they will be happy to support you in different ways.

We are proud to have them on board!

HMI Design with CGI Studio

Candera CGI Studio is a scalable, hardware independent HMI design software. This HMI design tool allows you to develop innovative, custom based embedded UI solutions for a variety of industrial cases. The USP of that tool is their user-friendly interface and the high-end display of 2D/3D elements and animations.

CGI Studio offers ready-to use HMI-controls, an AI based  Smart Photoshop Importer and integrated State Machines, which will show you the HMI's logics with a few mouse clicks. The software's open frame allows you an effortless integration and automation within your existing workflows.

Check out their newest features of their latest CGI Studio Version - CGI Studio.