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iLCD Manager XE - Unicode Support for Internationalization of Intelligent Displays

Smart & Easy

The iLCD Manager XE is the IDE for setup, configuration, management, programming and test of the iLCDs. This integrated development environment is comfortable, simple to use and accelerates LCD developments even more. It supports the entire iLCD product line, allowing for a seamless migration and re-use of existing projects.

A complete Java development environment facilitates the development of applications running on the iLCD's Java VM. Editor, compiler and debugger are integrated and support features that are familiar with from other IDEs, e.g., editing with syntax highlighting and debugging with variable inspection and breakpoints. A special feature is the remote debugging of the generated Java application, which can be carried out directly on the connected iLCD panel via the existing USB interface.

The iLCD Manager XE is completely free of charge. You can use the software even without having connected any intelligent display from demmel products yet. The integrated iLCD Simulator allows prototyping and evaluation of iLCD projects without hardware. The appearance and functionality of a graphical user interface can be tested in various development stages and by any stakeholder. Costly undesirable developments can be prevented and therefore adherence of project milestones is simplified.



  • Complete Java development environment with editor, compiler and debugger
  • Integrated iLCD Simulator
  • Convert, edit and anti-alias any Windows fonts
  • Convert BMP, JPEG, GIF and animated GIF images
  • Preview text and graphics, send a screen dump to the iLCD
  • Create and edit text templates and macros
  • Adjust the iLCD controller’s setup to your needs
  • Download all data to the iLCD controller via RS232, USB or TCP/IP
  • Update the iLCD controller’s firmware
  • Comfortable terminal functions to test your iLCD panels
  • State-of-the-art layout with docking windows
  • Parameter Completion for all high-level commands
  • Syntax Highlighting for enhanced code readability
  • Syntax Checking for quickly tracking down errors
  • Samples for getting started with the command set incrementally
  • Web-Update: Always work with the latest software and firmware versions
  • Operating assistance via help and detailed hints
Use Case for an intelligent 7.0" iLCD-Module in industrial Environment
„We've had several Intelligent Displays already in place in our systems, but never been really happy with them. In our latest generation of devices, we deploy the 7" und 10.2" of demmel products. At last we're able to display rich contents on a PC-less system, too.“
Ralf Bauhofer, Product Manager
Schwer + Kopka GmbH

Command line tools & sample source code


Allows you to download raw flash data files (*.rid or *.lcdp-rflash) created with iLCD Manager XE to the iLCD controller. It is written in Standard C and shows how to generally send and receive data via the serial, USB and Ethernet port on the one hand and, on the other, can be modified and integrated into an application to allow updating the flash data without having to use iLCD Manager XE. The sources compile under Borland’s C++ Builder 5.0, Embarcadero C++ Builder XE and Linux GCC but can easily be transferred to other operating systems and/or compilers. The sample code archive includes the executables for Windows and Linux.

iLoader Executable (Windows), Version 5.03 from February 4th, 2013 (44 kByte)

iLoader Source Code (.zip, Windows), Version 5.03 from July 23rd, 2014 (492 kByte)

iLoader Source Code (.tar.gz, Linux), Version 5.03 from July 23rd, 2014 (432 kByte)



Allows you to download iLCD firmware files (*.lcdp-bin) to the iLCD controller. By integrating it into an application, the firmware can be up- or downgraded without having to use iLCD Manager XE.

iUpdate Executable (Windows), Version 1.02 from December 21st, 2012 (34 kByte)

2D Run-Length Encoding

This sample code shows how to read and write compressed screen contents using 2D Run-Length Encoding. The Standard C code covers all functions described in the 2D Run-Length Encoding Application Note. It can be used without modification in most cases for your own application. The “main” file contains comments describing the usage.

2D Run-Length Encoding Source Code, Version 1.0 from April 30th, 2013 (101 kByte)

I2C Sample Source Code

This sample code shows how to operate the iLCD’s I²C port. The Standard C code contains a “driver” file, which covers all I²C functions described in the I²C application note. This file can be used without modification in most cases for your own application. The “main” file contains a very simple example how to initialize the iLCD and to show text on the screen. Both files compile under Keil C for 8051 microcontroller at 12MHz but can be easily transferred to any other controller and/or compiler.

I²C Source Code, Version 1.1 from July 10th, 2012 (40 kByte)