iLCD Evaluation Kits

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iLCD Evaluation Kit with 5.7" iLCD Panel with Touch Screen 640x480 Pixel

  • 5.7" iLCD panel with resistive or capacitive touch screen
  • PCB with FFC connectors
  • Cabling
  • Power supply
  • MicroSD card and adapters
  • CD with software and documentation

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iLCD Evaluation Kit with DPP-T57 / DPP-C57 | Part No. DPK-EKIT-T57 / DPK-EKIT-C57

Evaluation kit with 5.7" iLCD panel (resistive or capacitive touch screen) and evaluation board including 2 x 20-pin FFC cable for connecting the panel to the board.

The kit includes a USB cable and a serial cable, a regulated power supply, a microSD card, SD adapter and USB reader and the CD containing the software and comprehensive documentation.