iLCD Evaluation Kits

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iLCD Evaluation Kit with 5.0" iLCD Panel with Touch Screen 800x480 Pixel

  • 5.0" iLCD panel with resistive or capacitive touch screen
  • PCB with FFC connectors
  • Cabling
  • Power supply
  • MicroSD card and adapters
  • CD with software and documentation

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iLCD Evaluation Kit with DPP-HT50 / DPP-HC50 | Part No. DPK-EKIT-HT50 / DPK-EKIT-HC50

Evaluation kit with 5.0" iLCD panel (resistive or capacitive touch screen) for prototyping, development and test of smart user interfaces. Besides the Evaluation Board with pin connections, the kit contains all necessary hardware and software components to connect the intelligent display to a PC. The developer can start programming and testing within minutes.


  • 5.0" iLCD panel with resistive or capacitive touch screen
  • Evaluation board with pins and connectors
  • 2 x 20-pin FFC cable for connecting the panel to the board
  • A USB cable
  • A serial cable
  • A regulated plug-in power supply unit (switching power supply unit)
  • A set of microSD card 4GByte
  • An SD adapter
  • A USB reader
  • A CD with software and comprehensive documentation