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DPP-XHx50 (800x480)

DPP-XHx50 (800x480)

  • DPP-XHC50 | DPP-XH50
    • LVDS Interface
    • 5.0" diagonale
    • High Resolution: 800x480
    • High Brightness: 1000cd/m²
    • IPS Display (85/85/85/85)
    • Easy integration thanks to our control board including a single flex-pcb cable to connect with your board
    • Operating Temperature: -20 to +70 degree celsius
    • Optically Bonded Touchpanel (for DPP-XHC50)
    • 4 mounting brackets for simple installment


    Standard delivery time of 8-10 weeks

    Custom solutions starting at a MOQ of 500 pieces


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5.0" LVDS display incl. control board

PART NO. DPP-XHC50 (PCAP touch) | DPP-XH50 (no touch)

With demmel products' LCD Pure X series, you will no longer have to worry about development effort to set up your display connection. Our expansion boards offer an easy way to integrate our high-end displays into any LVDS capable platform. They were designed to seemlessly communicate with our iLCD Linux Mainboard, but can be used in wide variety of systems. The PCB of our LCD Pure X series comes with all the necessary components for the display control. The connection to your control board is made with a single, specially designed 40-pin flex pcb cable that covers the communcation with the display and the touchpanel and even the power supply.

As with all of our new HMI products the LCD Pure X series features high resolution, high brightness IPS displays. The 5.0" option comes with a resolution of 800x480 pixels and a brightness of 1000cd/m².

Further, we offer customized solutions starting from 500pcs. only. The modifications range from adaptions to the coverglass to adding adhesive solutions or include color or logo prints for more brand recognition value.

Sample price starting at:  319,00 excl. tax
€ 442.8 incl 20% tax

If you have inquiries regarding the displays, the ordering process or simply need further details, please contact us at:

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