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The iLCD product range includes intelligent displays from 2.8" to 10.2".


iLCD Manager XE - the setup, configuration and management IDE for iLCDs.


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The iLCD Technology

demmel products‘ iLCDs have all components necessary for driving the display on-board: A controller running a stable firmware, sufficient memory and standard interfaces are among the equipment integrated on the backside of the slim modules.

Screen designs are not made up pixel by pixel, but with the help of parameterized high-level commands. Even complex screen layouts require only few bytes to be sent to the panel via one of the integrated interfaces. All required resources like fonts, static and animated graphics, text modules and macros are stored on the panel in advance. Therefore, also low cost microcontrollers are suitable to make use of the extensive iLCD feature spectrum.

For the first time on intelligent displays, "Display Computing" is possible with an object oriented programming language and without an operating system. The entire range of iLCD functionalities can also be realized in Java. The lean Java Virtual Machine running on-board the iLCD controller executes the compiled Java code. New hardware is unnecessary, and the Java VM can also be used on existing iLCDs.

All iLCDs are equipped with a resistive touch screen. The sizes 5.0", 5.7" and 7.0" are also available with a projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch screen. This allows the realization of reliable user interfaces behind protective cover glass of up to 4 mm thickness meeting high mechanical robustness, hygienic and optical requirements.

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Smart & Easy

The royalty-free iLCD Manager XE, which is part of the iLCD technology, is the IDE for setup, configuration, programming and testing the iLCD panels. It is comfortable, simple to use and further accelerates LCD developments. The iLCD Manager XE supports the entire iLCD product line, allowing for a seamless migration and continuation of existing projects.

The iLCD Manager XE facilitates Java application development for iLCDs. A complete Java development environment with editor, compiler and debugger is integrated and contains features as known from other IDEs. The debugger enabling remote debugging of the Java application directly on the display via USB is worth to be mentioned.

The integrated iLCD Simulator is a particularly helpful tool for the assessment of display projects – without any hardware, on every iLCD Manager installation and without the need for any modification. Projects can be evaluated by any stakeholder in any project stage and in any place.

iLCD Manager XE

Most wanted

The DPP-T57 | DPP-C57 5.7" panel is the bestseller of demmel product's iLCD product line. Properties like a compact size, high brightness and a VGA resolution make it the ideal candidate for medium-sized high-end equipment. The 5.7" iLCDs with resistive or capacitive touch panel are deployed in applications like medical devices, machine tools or access control systems.

DPP-T57 | DPP-C57

“The iLCD technology enables us to design our products exactly according to our ideas with small effort.”

Wolfgang Illich, Division Manager Series Products

One-Stop Solution

Get an idea of how demmel products is defining intelligent displays. Our software for setup, configuration and management, combined with our well equipped intelligent LCD panels result in a real smart system.

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Why iLCD

The intuitive and ergonomic operation by means of a graphic user interface with touch screen is a key selling argument for products targeted at applications for machine building, medical devices, electrical engineering or in public space.

Integration of a plain display as an HMI leads to extensive efforts for hardware and software development of the associated driving electronics. The functionalities and interfaces integrated in the iLCDs are the key to help avoiding these efforts. The intelligent displays from demmel products have all components necessary for display operation on-board. As a consequence, project complexity, integration expense and time-to-market are reduced dramatically.

Deployment of iLCDs gives particularly smaller manufacturers the chance to compete in the global marketplace with a state-of-the-art design. The license-free iLCD Manager XE and the long-term available iLCDs form a solution made from one piece which is designed in high-quality, technically matured and intuitive to handle. The iLCD technology facilitates a much faster go-to-market with successful products and dramatically cuts development efforts at the same time.


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